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GoWeb by OSAR



GoWeb provides users with a powerful yet easy to use tool for managing their website.


Benefits of using GoWeb by OSAR

  • Secure logon to administration tool for each user
  • Content management using a word like editor
  • No technical knowledge of ftp or similiar tools required
  • Create photo galleries for your website
  • Create and send a newsletter
  • Event calendar

Contact us via email or phone (469-464-9341) to see how GoWeb by OSAR can improve your website experience.


GoWork provides companies with a tool which includes contact, work, and opportunity management.


Benefits of using GoWork by OSAR

  • Monthly subscription with a low setup fee
  • Subscription based on modules used
  • Customizable fields to fit your business needs
  • Accessible from any Internet connection
  • No downloads or local programs for installation
  • Company calendar

Contact us via email or phone (469-464-9341) to see how GoWork by OSAR can help you to manage to do more than just manage.


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